[OAI-implementers] SOAP-PMH

Young,Jeff jyoung at oclc.org
Wed Dec 8 09:17:26 EST 2004


You might want to look at the ERRoL server (http://errol.oclc.org/),
which provides a (somewhat) more RESTful view of (most of) the OAI
repositories registered at UIUC. Details are at
http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/oairesolver/. For example, see the
ERRoL services for the OCLC Office of Research Publications repository
at http://errol.oclc.org/orpubs.oclc.org.html.

It seems better to add this stuff as a layer on top of OAI rather than
muck with the protocol itself.


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> Hussein Suleman wrote:
> > hi Joseph
> >
> > some thoughts ...
> >
> > on a technical level, it makes sense that if there is to be a new
> > version of OAI-PMH it should probably be layered over a (RESTful)
> I wouldn't want this to happen. It means suddenly harvesters will need
> to support SOAP (RESTful SOAP seems to be an oxymoron). This is a much
> heaviever burden for implementors; right now you only need XML
> processing libraries and URL capabilities, not full SOAP support.
> Debuggability with SOAP would also go down a lot.
> I'd rather have the protocol evolve into a more RESTish direction
> myself, starting by the putting all verbs behind different URLs. Then
> you can have a single entry point url which delivers a bit of XML
> describing where all the other verb URLs are. It's probably also
> possible to RESTify things a bit more concerning the individual items,
> giving them each a separate URL.
> Regards,
> Martijn
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