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Michael Nelson mln at cs.odu.edu
Tue Dec 7 20:12:12 EST 2004

> I'm not sure it is strictly true that Google needs to invest in OAI-PMH
> in order to "index on OAI resources".
> The Googlebot can crawl HTML representations of the metadata records
> which are also exposed via OAI-PMH (assuming they are served at
> persistent Google-friendly URIs etc) Isn't this exactly what services
> like the DP9 gateway enable/provide?
> http://dlib.cs.odu.edu/dp9/

yes, but there are a number of problems with this approach, esp. for large
sites.  many web crawlers are biased to go "wide", not "deep", and DP9
produces deep trees that crawlers don't always traverse.

DP9 can also be unkind to repositories; the proxy between the robot and
the repository obscures any throttling the repository does.

DP9 is a neat trick, but it is not a complete solution.

see also:




> As Jeff noted a couple of messages upthread, the issue is not SOAP v
> OAI-PMH, or search v harvest, but whether an implementation of OAI-PMH
> semantics over SOAP offers anything that is not available using the
> current implementation over HTTP GET/POST.
> Pete
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