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Actually Google is now harvesting selected OAI repositories.


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The Google API is showing, that a big company is investing in SOAP. You 
are right, that the Google API is offered on the searching side. But to 
build an index on OAI resources, a search engine would need the 
possibility to harvest the mentioned 85,000 records. For this purpose a 
search engine would have to invest in OAI-PMH. That is the question: are

they willing to invest besides of SOAP in the "niche" protocol OAI-PMH?


Roy Tennant wrote:

> But are we losing track of the fact that OAI-PMH is a _harvesting_  
> protocol and NOT a _searching_ protocol? Are potential SOAP users of  
> OAI data providers clear that the only thing they may be able to do is

> request 85,000 records in order to get the ten they are really after  
> (the "professor's list of publications" example below)? The Google
> for example, is searching of course, not harvesting. There is a  
> difference.
> Roy

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