[OAI-implementers] Qualified Dublin Core

Rachel Heery r.heery at ukoln.ac.uk
Wed Aug 11 13:36:33 EDT 2004

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Pete Johnston wrote:

> The provision of a container schema for a "qualified DC" metadata format
> which (via some XSD wildcard wizardy) permits arbitrary XML child
> elements (N.B. XML elements not RDF properties), just as long as one
> child element associated with a DC XML namespace is present, implies (to
> me, at least) that there is some predictable interpretation (in terms of
> the DC property/value/encoding-scheme principles) of what may in
> practice turn out to be a completely adhoc XML sub-tree structure.

Sorry, I thought OAI service providers knowing a record was based on
qualified DC would be clever enough to throw away XML elements they did
not recognise, if they so wished.

btw from previous mail I agree individual application profiles should be
indentified uniquely, but thought there could be some broader
identification of qualified DC schemas analogous to the way OAI accepts
different MARC formats using oai_marc (although I realise that oai_marc is
now deprecated).

Anyway I realise I am treading on thin ice mailing to an implementors
list, and as my vacation is starting right now, I will not worry about
this for a while!

> Pete
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