[OAI-implementers] Qualified Dublin Core

Young,Jeff jyoung at oclc.org
Wed Aug 11 10:57:16 EDT 2004

Pete said:
> (Speaking only for myself and not for DCMI!), at this point, I don't think
> we
> should conclude that DCMI will not provide a wrapper schema. There has
> been a
> request for such a schema from another major user of the DCMI XML Schemas,
> and I
> see occasional queries from individual implementers too. More or less at
> the
> same time, the issue of versioning the schemas has raised by another
> implementer.

Thanks. I will suggest to the DSpace group that we should wait to implement
DCQ harvesting until a decision has been made by DCMI.

> Having said that, as Tim and I have touched on, there is the underlying
> issue of
> "what _is_ 'qualified DC'?" (i.e. just the use of the DCMI-defined terms
> or the
> use of the DCMI-defined terms plus other terms), which has been another
> topic of
> considerable debate. (FWIW, without taking a position on whether
> pure-DCMI-qualified-DC is used/useful in practice or not, I think it would
> be
> horribly confusing if OAI provided a schema to represent what was labelled
> "qualified DC" and that didn't correspond to what DCMI labelled "qualified
> DC".)

My understanding is that DSpace uses qualified DC elements as its internal
storage format. Whether the elements are used appropriately or not is
unknown to me. My assumption is that they were used appropriately, but if
people are still questioning whether pure qualified DC is useful or not, it
makes me wonder. On the bright side, if it is useful, having a container
that could be used by OAI, SRW/U, etc. would be a great way to exercise the


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