[OAI-implementers] Handling digital duplicates of physical content

Sebastian Bossung sblist at jbib.de
Wed Aug 4 04:53:22 EDT 2004


we have an application that stores metadata for physical documents. In
most cases the documents are also digitized, but the original are not
under our institution's control. I am wondering whether it makes sense
to expose the metadata via OAI-PMH.
The Problem I see is that there is danger of duplicate metadata 
records as other people might have the same idea of creating a 
meta-library and exposing it via OAI-PMH. However, we think that most 
of the content will not be digitized in the near future anywhere 
In this scenario does it make sense to implement OAI-PMH in our 
system? I am especially interested in any pointers to possible 
solutions of the duplicate-metadata-problem.


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