[OAI-implementers] question about the date in OAI-PMH

Hussein Suleman hussein@vt.edu
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 11:31:53 -0400


Mei Ran wrote:

> 1. the earliestDatestamp in Identify response. is this refer to the resource 
> creation or modification time?

it refers to item modification date/time. i.e. the earliest date/time on 
which any metadata corresponding to any resource was last changed

> 2. the Date in metadata, DC. is this refer to resource creation or 
> modification time too?

this is not defined by OAI. it can be either or both, depending on your 

> 3. the datestamp in the header of DC. I think this one should refer to the 
> creation or modification of the item in the repository, is that right?

yes - modification of item. (remember that "item" is an abstract container for 

all the metadata records corresponding to a single resource)

hope this helps ...


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