[OAI-implementers] Problem connecting to remote sites

Leigh Dodds ldodds@ingenta.com
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 12:29:23 -0000

> It may be that you are sitting behind a firewall, which is crossed using a
> HTTP proxy. Try manually connecting to an external HTTP server using telnet
> (# telnet servername 80). Also look in your Web browser's connection
> settings. If you are firewalled you will need to implement proxy support
> (basically connect to your proxy and send the same request, and things
> should work).

Proxy problems are a frequent cause of failures to connect from the 
java.net.URL class. Happily however you just need to tell the VM about 
your proxy settings to get this to work transparently.

Here's a javaworld tip that you might find useful:




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