[OAI-implementers] oai_dc: Multiple identifiers and formats within a single record?

Marin Balgarensky marinb@gmx.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 00:54:16 +0100 (MET)

Hi everybody.

I am implementing an OAI repository which will actually convert existing
data in rdf format to oai_dc.

Most of the entries in the database have amongst other data:
File-URL: http://server/2001-004a.htm
File-Format: text/html
File-Function: Abstract
File-URL: http://server/2001-004.htm
File-Format: text/html
File-Function: Full text
File-URL: http://server/2001-004.pdf
File-Format: application/pdf
File-Function: Full text

If I translate this directly to:

Would it be correct?
if this is acceptable (in oai_dc each element has minoccur=0 and
how can one tell what format links to what identifiers?

Or I have to invent several records with same content but the identifier?

Or create an HTML file representing the rdf data and use its URL as an

Any opinion/help very much appreciated as I have to have this running by


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