[OAI-implementers] default metadataPrefix

Young,Jeff jyoung@oclc.org
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 17:53:12 -0500

I'd like to propose that the metadataPrefix element be made an optional
parameter. After all, oai_dc is a required format for OAI repositories, and
one could naturally assume this is the default metadataPrefix if it wasn't
explicitly stated in the request.

My reason for making this request is a little complicated. Here's a
hypothetical scenario, though, that I hope is easier to follow. I'd like to
store an OAI GetRecord URL in a web document so that anyone can come along,
click on the link, and get something useful in response. Since the
metadataPrefix is a required field, I must imbed it in the URL that I store
in my document. Unfortunately, I'd also like to process this same document
with automated tools, but this time I'm interested in getting my response in
oai_marc format. Now, I'm forced to parse the URL and change oai_dc to
oai_marc before I can use the link. If, on the other hand, oai_dc was
implied, I wouldn't have to specify it in my link. Casual users would see
the default oai_dc response, whereas my automated process would merely
append "&metadataPrefix=oai_marc" to the URL to override the default.

Any comments?

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