[OAI-general] OAIster terms/conditions

Leslie Carr lac at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Sep 25 11:24:14 EDT 2009

On 25 Sep 2009, at 15:55, Peters, Dale wrote:

> The task of building a sustainable business model for OA resources  
> is enormous, and its urgency is underlined by the  vulnerability of  
> OAIster.

But that's back to my original point - the OA resources aren't  
threatened by OAIster's change of status. What is underlined is the  
vulnerability of the OA services. I don't know how Kat has been coping  
with OAIster since its launch, but I can tell you that the OAI  
services run by Southampton (ROAR, Celestial and CiteBase) are  
supported mainly by the determination and sweat of Tim Brody (the  
original service creator) and the crumbs that fall from repository  
funding projects.

The emergence of information services of a global scale (think Google  
and Google Scholar) highlights the need to have some serious  
infrastructure at your disposal! We have been lucky enough to have  
some funding from JISC to transform ROAR into a more sustainable form,  
but we'd really like to have some shared infrastructure for sharing  
celestial's OAI data to allow new services to be easily grown. Perhaps  
a cloud solution, and perhaps we can talk to COAR about it!

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