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On behalf of OCLC,  I'd like to provide some clarification on the
OAIster discussions that have been happening lately.   Please see Roy
Tennant's recent post:

Clarification on OCLC/OAIster Transfer

September 23rd, 2009 by Roy 

Earlier in the week I posted "The Straight Dope on OAIster"
<http://hangingtogether.org/?p=738>  in an effort to bring the OAI
community up to date on the transition of this service from the
University of Michigan to OCLC, and our intentions for it going forward.
A comment on that post, as well as chatter via Twitter and on some
mailing lists has prompted us to clarify the terms and conditions to
make it absolutely clear that they only apply to the harvested metadata.

It was never our intent to harvest anything other than metadata.
Unfortunately, the terminology used in the OAIster terms and conditions
did not accurately state the rights that OCLC needs to make the OAIster
data available.  As a result, the OAIster terms and conditions have been
corrected and are being re-sent to OAIster data providers. 

We are sorry for causing a misunderstanding. Our intent has always been
to simply transition the good work of the University of Michigan to our
infrastructure and support. We will strive to be more accurate and clear
in the future so as not to distract us all from the important work of
maintaining and expanding access to open access content. 

This post may be found in its entirety at


For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at
oaister at oclc.org



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