[OAI-general] concerns about new OAIster terms/conditions

Hussein Suleman hussein at cs.uct.ac.za
Tue Sep 22 09:02:55 EDT 2009


i recently received a request to register one of the IRs/archives i 
manage with OCLC, as OAIster transitions to OCLC.

i am concerned that the terms and conditions cover both metadata AND all 
forms of data ... while OAIster harvested metadata, OCLC appears to want 
to claim more rights associated with digital objects. i believe this 
goes against one of the fundamental principles of the OAI-PMH - that we 
harvest metadata only.

in most institutional repositories this is a minefield of legal 
problems, as the majority of commercial publishers only allow users to 
archive versions in their IRs with specific restrictions, different in 
each case (see RoMEO).

we need to be aware that the rules are changing before we simply click 
on "I agree". personally, until this is resolved "I do not agree" :)


hussein suleman ~ hussein at cs.uct.ac.za ~ http://www.husseinsspace.com

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