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Giulio Blasi blasi at horizons.it
Mon Nov 20 06:41:08 EST 2006

We are glad to announce the publication of the portal Openarchives.eu
(http://www.openarchives.eu <http://www.openarchives.eu/> ) developed by
Horizons Unlimited (Bologna, Italy - http://www.horizons.it
<http://www.horizons.it/> ).


This portal uses repositories and collections' descriptions harvested
from the University of Illinois OAI-PMH Data Provider Registry. The
search engine and other editorial contents that complete the originary
database have been developed by Horizons Unlimited.


We hope Openarchives.eu will help the OAI community in searching OAI-PMH
compliant digital collections around the world, we also provide a
gateway for searching metadata through the most important service
providers' engines.


Openarchives.eu is a contribution to the Open Access community. Our
mission is providing the Italian and European open access community with
a new set of tools for data and service providers in the Universities,
Public Libraries and the Public Administration. 


Please refer to our web site (http://www.horizons.it
<http://www.horizons.it/> ) for more details on our OAI-PMH services.


We will be very grateful for any suggestion, comment, correction,
integration or new infos you will send us to make our work better.


Giulio Blasi


Horizons Unlimited srl

via Fioravanti 59/2 | 40128 - Bologna

tel. 051-41.56.611 | fax 051-3370387

Email e MSN Messenger: blasi at horizons.it  | Web:  http://www.horizons.it


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