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Moffat, Malcolm M.Moffat at hw.ac.uk
Fri Mar 17 05:03:08 EST 2006

Of possible interest to this List.
A document entitled "'Marketing' with Metadata - How Metadata Can Increase Exposure and 
Visibility of Online Content", has been produced by the JISC funded Perx project as 
advocacy material aimed at content providers.  PerX is funded under the JISC Digital Repositories Programme.
In a nutshell, the document introduces the means by which content providers can share, or 
embed, their metadata, with other websites, in standard and reusable ways.  It is 
primarily intended for a non-technical audience who require an overview in order to allow 
them to make decisions regarding the best means of exposing metadata. However, the 
document does provide illustrative case studies and links to technical specifications  
which will provide useful starting points for those tasked with actually implementing the 
exposure of standardised metadata.
If you've ever tried to explain the benefits of OAI-PMH ( or even Z39.50 and RSS) to the uninitiated 
you may find this document useful!
'Marketing' with Metadata.
PerX Project
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Malcolm Moffat
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