[OAI-general] DSpace User Group Meeting, Bergen 2006

Gaelle Bozec Gaelle.Bozec at ub.uib.no
Mon Jan 16 04:00:16 EST 2006

DSpace User Group Meeting, Bergen 2006
"Dugnad" among the fjords
19 April (IR workshop), 20-21 April 2006 (DSUG)

Call for Papers

The Program Committee of the DSUG 2006, Bergen meeting is pleased to
invite you to submit proposals for presentations at this meeting.
Authors may submit abstracts for one of the following presentation

-Long Presentation
-Short Presentation
-Workshop or tutorial

The general focus of the meeting is on tools to aid embedding into
institutional systems both internal and external, and the use of DSpace
in different areas of institutional activity (for example, Records
Management). Nonetheless, any topic relevant to DSpace (both technical
and administrative) is welcomed. Abstracts should be of approximately
200 words and should be submitted by 15 February 2006 by email to
dsug2006 at uib.no. 

All presentations should be delivered in English.

Presentation format
Long presentations will take place in the main conference hall, and
should be approximately 25 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes for
questions and discussion. 

Short presentations will take place during break-out sessions, and
should be approximately 10 minutes in length and will act as catalysts
for the discussions which will take place in those sessions. There will
be break-out sessions on both technical and administrative issues. 

Posters will be presented during coffee breaks, and will be available in
the conference venue for the duration of the event. There will be an
allocated time for presenters to stand by their poster for discussion. 

Workshops and tutorials will be provided on both technical and
administrative aspects of DSpace, and abstracts for these should include
the topic and a guide to how the session should be run. If the workshop
or tutorial is to be interactive we can offer assistance in organising
and running it. 

Abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated by the Program Committee.
Confirmation of acceptance or rejection will be provided by 10 March

Critical Dates
15 February 2006 - deadline for submission of abstracts
10 March 2006 - confirmation of accepted papers

19 April 2006 - Institutional Repository workshop
20-21 April 2006 - DSpace User Group Meeting

Suggested and Example Topics

  +Multiple instances of DSpace and their uses
  +DSpace interacting with internal and external research tools
  +Services employing parts of DSpace, or derived software
  +Custom developments to meet local needs
  +DSpace based services introduced
  +Research or development projects involving DSpace
-Workshops and Tutorials 
  +Writing local customisations for DSpace
  +Writing patches or addons for DSpace
  +Developing administrative procedures
  +Advanced configuration of DSpace 
    (custom forms, LDAP integration, etc.)
  +Selling DSpace and IRs to management

This call for papers is available online at:


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