[OAI-general] Manuscripts databases and OAI

JE Oskamp liesbeth.oskamp at cerl.org
Wed Sep 21 05:04:47 EDT 2005

-- With apologies for cross-posting --

Dear Colleagues,

The Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL, www.cerl.org) has
set up a project for developing a federated search facility for
manuscripts. One of the options now being worked on is using the
technique of harvesting through the OAI protocol. 
In order to make a recommendation on how to proceed after the project
phase I would like to know a bit more about how many manuscripts
databases (both with and without images) support harvesting through
I am hoping you could help me with this.
Those of you involved with manuscript databases I would like to ask
following three questions:
- do you support searching by Z39.50 or SRU, or harvesting through
- what kind of material does your database contain (period, spatial
coverage, number of records)?
- might you, in principal, be interested in taking part in an
international federated search facility?

I thank you in advance for your input in this small investigation,
best wishes,

Liesbeth Oskamp

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