[OAI-general] Afghanistan digital libraries project

Sain, Ryan Christopher rsain at wsu.edu
Wed Oct 26 17:18:09 EDT 2005

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

We are working on an initiative in Afghanistan called Afghan eQuality
Alliances. The goal of this initiative (working with USAID and other
funding sources) is to restore and develop the Kabul University to be
competitive and effective in the 21st century. We are tasked with
developing core competencies that each 'department' or 'faculty' will
complete. One of those core competencies is the development of a digital
library relevant for each department. 

I am looking for feedback about various issues that should be addressed
with the participants during an upcoming week long workshop about
digital libraries. 

I have reviewed the http://www.openarchives.org/ site, is there anything
else that we should be focusing on?

Thanks for your time.

Ryan Sain, Ph.D.
Deputy Director of Global Networks
Center to Bridge the Digital Divide
Washington State University
rsain at wsu.edu 509-389-6278

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