[OAI-general] DSpace User Group Meeting, Bergen 2006

Gaelle Bozec Gaelle.Bozec at ub.uib.no
Fri Nov 4 03:56:12 EST 2005

DSpace User Group Meeting, Bergen 2006 - "Dugnad" among the fjords

The University of Bergen is pleased to announce that it will host 
a two day DSpace User Group Meeting on 20 and 21 April 2006, as 
part of its commitment to the community.  The meeting will 
primarily be concerned with technology and processes that have 
been developed to embed DSpace into institutional systems, and 
the different roles that DSpace has found in this environment, 
beyond purely that of an Institutional Repository platform.  In 
addition important general developments will be presented, and 
there will be tutorials for both technical and non-technical 
DSpace users.

Accompanying this will be a satellite Institutional Repository 
workshop on 19 April 2006, which will address policy, advocacy and
open access concerns for institutions working on IRs.  This
meeting can be attended independently of the main user group

A call for presentations and registration information will be made
available shortly.

All information regarding these meetings will be available on the 
conference website: http://dsug2006.uib.no/


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