[OAI-general] System Architecture

Tansley, Robert robert.tansley@hp.com
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There is some reasonably detailed (but not fully complete) DSpace architecture documentation available from the dspace.org Web site:


This is a more recent version of the documentation available from DSpace's SourceForge page, which includes a draft architecture section.

We'll be posting a more complete version soon, both to dspace.org and to the SourceForge page.

Please feel free to ask me any specific questions you have that aren't answered by this document.

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Hello -
I am currently exploring our institution's ability to create an institutional repository that is OAI compliant.  I feel I have a fair understanding of the standards, functionality, etc. involved - and am leaning toward DSpace as a model - but there is one aspect that I don't see discussed very much...  system architecture!
I would be grateful if folks would share with me some architecture configurations they have developed.  I am most interested in the storage aspect.  I have looked at jukebox technology as a storage backend, but am not sure about the retrieval aspect.  We also have a super computer with lots of storage capacity - but it is not designed to handle small files, but rather large datasets.  Any information you would like to share will be most appreciated.
Feel free to respond directly to me if you would rather not post to the list.
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