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Forwarded is a message for the APDU Call for Presentations.

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>Dear all:
>The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) is soliciting speakers using 
>this Call for Presentations.  The 2003 conference of the APDU will be held 
>October 20th through October 22nd at the Radisson Hotel Old Town 
>Alexandria, VA.  The theme for this year's conference is 'the Shifting 
>Landscape of Public Data: Planning for the Future.'
>We invite you to share your expertise and experiences by submitting your 
>ideas for presentations at this year's conference.  Interested parties may 
>participate in APDU's conference in several ways: as a sole presenter for 
>a session, as an organizer of and participant in a panel of speakers at a 
>session, or strictly as a session organizer of other speakers.
>More information is available from the APDU 2003 conference website:
>The website includes the Call for Presentations and the Presentation 
>Application form.  Please feel free to forward this Call as well as the 
>Presentation Application form to other persons, list serves, or 
>organizations that may have an interest in presenting at the APDU 
>conference.  We welcome non-APDU members to make presentations as well as 
>APDU members.  If you have any questions, please contact me.
>Best regards,
>Mary Jung Lee, Ph.D.
>Laboratory for Social Research
>945 Flanner Hall
>University of Notre Dame
>Notre Dame, IN  46556
>Phone: 574-631-4521
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