[OAI-general] Publishers approach to self-archiving

Gerhard Beier g.beier@zim.mpg.de
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 16:00:31 +0100

Dear colleagues, 

at the OAI workshop in Geneva (in October) there was this discussion
that it might be a good idea to establish a list of
"self-archiving-friendly" publishers. Does anyone know if someone has
further developed and pursued this idea?

Currently, we are working on an institutional repository for the Max
Planck Society (eDoc) and we know pretty well that our scientists are
very concerned about copyright and relations to scientific publishers.
This is this reason why we need to provide some information on standard
license agreements which might already exist and allow self-archiving.

I am aware of projects like ROMEO or some remarks of Stevan Harnad on
eprints.org about this issue. I just wanted to know if there might be a
list or a comprehensive collection somewhere on the web which we have
not yet taken into account. 

We would be glad to collect any related information to this issue and
will be very interested in the outcome of the ROMEO-Survey.

Best regards

Gerhard Beier
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