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> Is your goal to "suck" info out of arXiv in some way? In 
> which case eprints
> software may not be ideal for your aims. Possibly what you need is a 
> "harvester" which sucks from each of these other archives and 
> combines the
> info into a database. The trick is to get arXiv(and the 
> others) to export
> their data so you can identify your papers. This may well be 
> a job for OAI
> (http://www.openarchives.org)
> This really isn't a solved problem. Does anyone else on the 
> list have any
> useful insight?

An idea that just popped in my mind: how about a 'Set' (or subject) creation
plugin for EPrints. It would take a search result list and assign a common
subject to them all. The OAI would export that as a Set, which can then be
selectively harvested. [Is my understanding correct that EPrints subjects
are in fact OAI sets? And that OAI has a mechanism to selectively harvest

Shouldn't be to tough to add a "make subject" link in a staff eprint search
result screen, prompt for a subject name and add that name to the subject
field for all records returned in the set.

A more sophisticated approach would be to enable queries like: 'Create a set
for each author'. The script would then need to generate a search query for
each author name and assign them to a subject/set. Another valuable query
would be to 'Create a set for these year ranges'. Many other possibilities.

All of this of course relies on good and consistent metadata to create
complete and relevant sets.

Ed Sponsler, Sr. Computing Analyst
Caltech Library System

> On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 02:52:11PM +0100, Avril Conacher wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > Many of our physics and astrophysics academics already submit 
> > their papers to existing e-print servers including 
> arXiv.org, and have 
> > been doing so for years. 
> > If we were to set up our own new institutional e-print server here, 
> > are we able to provide links from our site to theses 
> existing eprints 
> > or would we have to ask the academics to re-submit their papers to 
> > our server as well?
> > 
> > Many thanks,
> > 
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