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Meeting Notes
  • ORE Presentation at JCDL 2007 - Presented at an OAI-ORE Panel featuring Clifford Lynch, Neil Jacobs, Herbert Van de Sompel, and Carl Lagoze
  • ORE Presentation at OAI5 - Slides and a video of Herbert Van de Sompel's presentation about current progress of OAI-ORE at the CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI5) are available.
  • Open Repositories 2007 - A presentation describing OAI-ORE and progress based on the January 2007 ORE Technical Committee Meeting.
  • CNI 2006 ORE Project Briefing - A presentation describing motivations, requirements, and preliminary thinking on the OAI-ORE project.
Press Releases
  • ORE Announcement - Announces the Mellon grant and summarizes the two-year work plan
White Papers
  • Compound Information Objects white paper - A white paper describing the web-centric OAI-ORE perspective on compound information objects is now available. This document is a work in progress and was used as a discussion document in preparation of the May 2007 meeting of the OAI-ORE Technical Committee.