Strategy for discontinuation of Version 1.0 of the Metadata Harvesting Protocol of the OAI.

1. July 3rd 2001

1.a. Release of OAI 1.1 protocol and change of status of OAI 1.0 to deprecated.

- The effect is that OAI 1.0 will continue to be accepted by the OAI registration validator. When registering, registrants are warned that version 1.0 will become obsolete by December 1st 2001.

- Implementations of this new version will return 1.1 as their protocol version in response to the Identify request.

1.b. Provision of a migration document detailing the changes required by data and service providers to become conformant with 1.1. The number of changes to be made to achieve conformance with 1.1. are small.

2. September 1st 2001

Soft rejection of OAI 1.0 by the OAI registration validator.

- No new registrations of sites using 1.0 will be allowed.

- All previous registrants still at version 1.0 will be warned that a hard reject from the registration database will result by December 1st 2001.

3. December 1st 2001 OAI 1.0 is made obsolete.

The OAI registration validator will reject sites that do not support 1.1.


July 1st 2001